VETTE UMANE (Human peaks)

This is a conceptual photographic project, which I carried out three years ago in Milan. Today, I want to bring him back to Paris, bringing him directly to the city. In my opinion, this remains a very topical and sensitive issue, especially one to be dealt with at this time.

VETTE UMANE, I want to underline another aspect of this gallery, which is EQUALITY. In this series of images, in addition to the background that never changes, there is something else that remains unchanged, the IDENTITY of people. Today we talk a lot about social, ethical and racial differences. We talk about neo-fascists, we talk about immigration and emigration, we talk and transmit hatred through social media, through television, we think we are better than others. The truth is that we are all the same, if the world were like in my photographs that I presented to you, there would be no differences, people would not notice anything, we would just be shapes, outlines. But no, they gave us the colors, and the colors that we don't like, we insult them, we leave them out. The problem is the way of looking at it, you have to open your mind and start asking questions and looking for answers to those questions. We have to look for the answers within ourselves, with our own head, not on the Internet or with the heads of others, we decide who we are. Maybe these pictures represent the ideal world, I don't know, but we should think that as in this world we are all black, now we are all colored, and it is equality in the same way. Behind each image, behind each collection, there is a thought, there is an idea, a foundation. Taking pictures doesn't make sense to me. You have to give meaning to the images and make sure that everyone who looks at this image or this collection has the same idea, or rather the same starting point to develop their own idea. I want people to watch what I see, as I see it.

Soon the project will be on sale as a unique piece!!

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