Amour In Paris

I have been living and working in Paris for almost eight months, coming from a small provincial village it was initially difficult to live in a chaotic, crowded and active city like Paris.

I think like many people I also suffered a minor part of the so-called "Paris Syndrome" initially (without hallucinations, I was at a live stage, I just had to understand the city ;) ).

Here a little information about the Paris Syndrome...

The first impact with the city is hard, you need time to appreciate the true beauty of Paris, you need to look at and experience people, their emotions, their ways of doing and living everyday. Those who wander the streets and parks of the city cannot help but notice how in the middle of traffic, in the middle of the crowd, in complete indifference, in complete intimacy, they are there ...

They are one of the many things that struck me about Paris, one of the first that then made me discover other aspects of the city and above all of the people who live there and for this reason I decided to dedicate a gallery to it !!

For me, photographing is not just taking an image, but it is also trying to communicate something both through the image itself and through a photographic project and sometimes I like to accompany these photographs also with texts, thoughts, give them explanations that tell the story of photography, tell about myself but at the same time also tell each of us.

And that's how Amour In Paris was born like all the other projects I will talk about.

Something unexpected, you find it when you are not looking for it, you find it from who you do not expect, where you do not expect. Love is not physical attraction, love needs more time, it looks far away. Love is patience, presence and unconsciousness.

It is when that person, even without wanting it and without you wanting it, changes your life, the way you see things, makes you feel good to think that she is fine and triggers you when she is sick. Love is blonde, red, brunette, brunette, long hair, short, bald, fat, thin, healthy, sick, close, far away, drunk, in moments of embarrassment, she is that person.

It is wanting to see her succeed in life, not that she has to drop everything for your success. It is esteem, it is admiration, it is pride in seeing it come true, being able to say "I am with this woman or with this man". It is knowing how to wait, without saying anything, but making her understand that you are there. They are the small daily gestures of intimacy. Knowing the weaknesses and pleasures.

It may be your anxiety or it may be the one that will allay all your anxieties. Love, we can explain, tell, tell others, but it is really difficult to tell the person concerned. But those who know how to tell it are already lucky.

This is why kisses were invented. There are a thousand types of kisses, but that of those who have to explain the inexplicable, can be recognized from afar, others recognize it, those around. But it is always the most difficult to throw.


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