About Jerome De Franc 


Each place a different emotion, a different head, a different eye. Each place is unique.


Jerome De Franc, pseudonym of Alessio Di Franco. Born on 14/02/1999 in Brescia, Italy. He begins to approach the world of photography from 2015. Initially it is just a hobby, then with the progress of time he begins to put together the themes that will gradually become projects.


The first projects implemented were created in Italy. The first project was "The Garbage Of The World", a social project dealing with the stories of homeless people, immigrants, religious situations. The name of the project is not discriminatory, it comes from the first interview held in Verona, in which a man defined the category of homeless people as he was garbage of the world.

The second project concerns the concept of beauty, and is in fact called "BELLEZZA". This project is based on the fact that beauty is a subjective feeling, which, as the photographer explains, according to him is created by expectation, it is beautiful what we want, what we expect from a person or a place, if we find something which does not correspond to our vision, although aesthetics may be pleasant, takes a back seat. And this is where even the ugly can become beautiful and vice versa. The "BELLEZZA" project was shot around Italian cities, famous cities such as Venice, Florence, Milan, but also small villages, where the shots were taken in areas where tourists do not come across, because they are against the concept of beauty that these cities want to express.

Projects about the futurist architecture of Milan follow. For the 500th anniversary of the Bagolino carnival, a small town located in Valle Sabbia, a small valley in the Province of Brescia, Lombardy. A Carnival with distant roots and cults but still very strong. In 2018 he shot a documentary about one of the greatest painters of 1900, Antonio Ligabue. He documented his stay and the works carried out in the city of Brescia, with the testimonies of the citizens who knew him. Unique testimonies and facts unknown before.

Now he lives in Paris, where he works by telling the lifestyle and the stories of the people of the "Ville Lumiere".

Jerome De Franc Photographe Paris


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